From PTSD, chronic anxiety, dissociation of self, night terrors, PTSD nightmares, mental anguish, complex regional pain syndrome to sleeping through the night, being present and active, planning to go back to study and living away from home as any 27 year old should be doing, enjoying food again, having energy to be involved in good positive relationships after only 5 apts with Nita is AMAZING, as I had spent 4 years talking with a psychologist and got nowhere. 
Nita and TRTP have saved my life. No BS. Ring Nita and start today. Honestly its worth it. Kendra, Perth
Respectful, diligent and caring. A true healer in every sense of the word. Gifted and patient. Amazing. Maree. Perth
"In the past I have used a number of different facilitators to assist me with my spiritual development. Although they were all helpful, I've always felt that I needed something more. Nita is that something more. She is truly awesome. The experience I had was nothing short of amazing and her follow up emails and phone calls have made me feel very supported through the whole process. I cannot recommend Nita highly enough! Do yourself a favour!!! ... Bob NT Australia
Nita helped me to take the edge of the loss of my son. The intense pain was gone and the happy memories became clearer. Through TRTP I can now function again. Thank you. 
L. Geraldton

“I had luckily stumbled upon, or more appropriately, I was divinely directed to Nita in two different towns I've resided in. Over time I have received readings, energetic healings and learned so much through her workshops. Nita is an extaordinary individual whose open heart and finely tuned intuition has enabled real changes in me and allowed personal insights which I have grown from. Her presense alone, her voice and words initiate an instant response in me which I translate as energy shifting. Afterwards I always feel lighter and more alive. I feel immense gratitude for having crossed paths with such a warm, trustworthy and authentic healer and soul" ... Sophie WA

How shall you live in order to be happy?
Being able to live your life in your own way, doing only those things that you want to do, with the people who you choose, in the situations you desire.
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