Why get treatment? Here's some questions to ask yourself.

Are you happy with your life? Yes / No    Are you content with how life is turning out? Yes / No

Do you enjoy your work? Yes / No     Do you hate waking up in the morning? Yes / No   

Do you flare up/get triggered easily? Yes / No   Hit out at people? Yes / No

Have you been diagnosed with Anxiety / Depression? Yes / No   Do you suffer from stress? Yes / No  Are you pissed of / frustrated with your life? Yes / No   Want to get rid of an addiction? Yes / No 

Want to lose weight? Yes / No   Want to give up smoking? Yes / No

Are the answers you have given comfortable to you? Is there any question that has triggered you?

Don't wait for your world, your health or your relationships to fail before you get help.

Help is honestly just around the corner. Ring 0450588048. Text 0450588048.

Email: threedimensionalhealing@gmail.com

Email: threedimensionalhealing@gmail.com
Face to face or on Zoom (location is not a problem)

Phone: 0450588048 Perth, Australia 

Text: 0450588048

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