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I start by stating that at our time of most need Lucy and I have always been blessed with just the right solution and always coming from a surprising source, place or person. We have been truly blessed to have a very talented, genuinely caring and highly skilled lady that appeared in our circle at a time when she was very much needed. Without the assistance of Nita Schmidt, Lucy would not be in Canberra, nor would she be functioning in society at all in my opinion. My appreciation for Nita is at a level that cannot be expressed here in writing.
Some of you are aware that Lucy has had exposure to some extremely traumatic and damaging life experiences starting from early childhood. If anyone of you understands serious trauma and victim mentality you may have some understanding of the difficult journey those years presented for Lucy. The end results of the hard work was a beautiful thing for me to see.

In recent times Lucy had several triggers that caused a very serious spiral in her mental health. Near the darkest hour for Lucy when her ability to cope with life was most difficult the LORD produced Nita as a GOD sent solution. Nita has many skill sets which should match most people's personal circumstance however the treatment Lucy received I believe would be applicable to a lot of people in our circle that are currently not doing so well and suffering from anxiety and/or depression. I am not affiliated with Nita or her business. I am not obtaining remuneration for this email or any reference to Nita and her services.
Nita does a lot of remote work and she definitely can assist with Trauma, Anxiety, PTSD. Nita is also a Reiki Master and if anyone understands this healing tool they would understand that it is an energy that Nita will apply quietly from distance whilst using other obvious tools from her trade. Do not think this a taboo or anti-Christian practice it is an ancient Japanese healing method that in my opinion is very much of GOD as it derives from us.
The main method Nita applied with Lucy was The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). If you are not coping and need help contact Nita, she is very busy but she will call or email you back as soon as she has the free time and energy to do so.
Trevor, Toowoomba


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