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Feelings buried alive never die!

Your unconscious rules you! And you have no idea what your unconscious is programmed with. Well, I am here to tell you, your mind is filled with rubbish, outdated, old programs that your parents handed down to you not to mention all the generations gone before.


Do you constantly have negative thoughts in your head?

Are you constantly telling yourself you are useless ... can't stick to a diet ... can't stop drinking ... can't stop smoking ... can't stop feeling like shit?

Do you see familiar patterns happening in your life that your parents have? Divorced/Separated/Angry/Stressed/Drinking/Smoking/Depression/Anxiety etc.


Do you want to stay in that circle of destruction? Do you want to move away from victimhood into victor?

Only you can decide what you do about your situation. But I can help you cross over from victim to victor.

Are you motivated to change? Are you brave enough to want the change? Are you prepared to do the work for change?

I work with people suffering from: stress, anxiety, depression, goal setting, losing weight, stop smoking, PTSD and much more.

Every time you think about a trauma that you have experienced in your life, you are producing the same chemicals within your body as if you were experiencing the trauma for the first time. Stop the video loops in your mind. Take control of your life ... not life taking control of you.

If you don't take action and don't ask for help, what will you be like in 12 months time?


I work face to face or on zoom. Location is not a problem.

The Richards Trauma Process TRTP: A simple comprehensive step by step process that eliminates extreme trauma and all of the health concerns that come with the trauma, such as stress, anxiety, depression, addictions all within 3 to 4 sessions.

Thought Field Therapy: Tapping to eliminate trauma in your life. To lose weight. Stop smoking. Overcome depression and anxiety. 

Inner Child Work: Working with the wounded child to integrate both of you to live a life of ease.

Vaccine and Vaccine Shedding Protocol: I rewire your chakra's to combat the effects of vaccines.

Nita: 0450 588 048 Australia please leave a message

Mobile: from overseas +61450 588 048 please leave a message


Contact me:

phone, email or face-to-facePerth, Australia

email: threedimensionalhealing@

mobile: 0450 588 048 in Australia

mobile: +61450 588 048

overseas: zoom internet

Available Therapies:

  • TRTP The Richards Trauma Process

  • Counsellor

  • Inner Child Work

  • Intuitive Healing

  • Master Reiki

  • Thought Field Therapy

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